Research Log

Being the first installment of a scientific account of an artistic inquiry into a certain mysterious phenomenon in and around the vicinity of the semimythical city of Ottawa, Ontario.

Wednesday, May -, 200-

Inaugural Project Meeting, Glebe BH

Parameters are discussed.

Photo: reversed fair-trade logo

Overheard: You aren’t even hiding your disgust.

Thursday, May -, 200-

Elgin BH

Methodology is discussed. Initial platform and responsibilities for actions.

Photos: reflective surfaces and clandestine subjects


... stuff going on locally is part of what sustainability is all about

the time is right

a lot of energy and issues

we want to capitalize on that

support systems around addiction

I’m really excited about the possibilities here

I think we can do some neat stuff

I insist I’ll take it

I wish

swallow my pride

yeah I would probably do that as well

medium skim latte

thump bang klatter

I used to love them as a kid I thought

they’re almost done


salsa music

medium lemonade to go

ah yeah they’re just

so probably

a little bit


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